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Bid Management

We are your bid Experts

When it comes to tendering bids in response to RFPs, delivering a bid that is of the highest quality is imperative. Losing a bid is expensive and an enormous waste of company time and resources; it is a setback your business cannot afford.

Hiring a bid expert is an investment in the success of your bid and, with it, the success of your business. Their expertise in managing a bid from concept to delivery greatly increases your chances of success.

Bid Strategy

Your bid strategy is the first decision to be made by your bid manager.

Not every bid is in your best interests to tender for. The bid process is costly, resource heavy, and time consuming; before you choose to invest, you need to complete your risk/rewards analysis and decide whether the bid is worth your investment.

With over twenty years’ experience as a bid manager, Rachel is extremely well-versed in this aspect of the bid process. She will lead your team through the various steps of the bid strategy, from deciding whether to bid and competitor analysis to dissection of your strengths as a bidder, then build your bid strategy based on the outcome.

Bid Management

If your company does not have an in-house bid manager, hiring an expert of Rachel’s caliber is the best possible investment you can make.

Rachel’s extensive experience ensures she has an in-depth understanding of all the factors at play, working to RFP timelines while staying on top of Governance processes and liaising with internal stakeholders such as legal and finance departments.

As bid manager, Rachel specialises in tailoring the bid process to suit each client’s needs, tweaking the standardised AP&P bid process to fit with the organisation’s size and structure, as well as the specific bid requirements.

Bid Writing

If your bid team is already well-equipped to handle the management and coordination of your bids, Rachel’s extensive experience as a bid writer can still prove of great value.

With her in-depth understanding of every aspect of the bid process, Rachel is uniquely placed as a bid writer. It’s not often that the skill sets of writing talent and bid management expertise combine in a single person, and it’s a powerful asset to have on your side.

Her understanding of broader outcomes requirements for bids means she can ensure your bids always address this aspect, answering every question as it pertains to the RFP and the bid you are tendering.

Bid Coordination

If your business has an in-house bid manager, Rachel’s expertise can still be of great value. She has extensive experience supporting other bid managers as bid coordinator, reducing their workload while providing valuable knowledge and support throughout the process, in order to work towards the common goal of a successful bid.

And as a Loopio partner, Rachel can streamline your current and future bid processes for you by setting up a Loopio content library that will save you countless hours on each bid.

Rachel Adams, owner of Bidable, has over two decades of experience as a bid manager for companies of every size.

She has managed and produced multi-million-dollar proposals for everything from small start-ups to global corporates.

Rachel has the flexibility and expertise to come in and fill the role you need her to within the bid process, be it as your bid manager, your bid coordinator or bid writer.

She can come in and lead the entire process for you, from concept to delivery, or slot into your existing in-house team as coordinator and writer, depending on your needs.