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About Bidable

Who is Rachel?

Rachel specialises in managing small to large multimillion tenders for small businesses to large corporations in New Zealand and overseas for any industry. She can manage, write and help you with your bid strategy and refine or implement the best bid process for your business based on the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) best practices.

She has extensive experience in every aspect of the bid process, from bid strategy through bid management and bid writing.

Depending on your needs, Rachel can come in and manage the entire bid process for you, devising your bid strategy, coordinating all bid team members, all the way through the process, or she can step in and simply help coordinate the process in collaboration with your in-house bid manager.

Having an expert bid manager come in to take your bid from concept to delivery increases your chances of success greatly, and few are as experienced and knowledgeable as Rachel.

Based on the beautiful Kapiti Coast with her family, Rachel is available for bid tendering services throughout New Zealand. On her weekends and free time, she loves to spend time with her family, riding their bikes and getting involved in their local community.


When preparing our presentations we look at more than the content, and create the entire presentation working with your brand strategies.  Kim is an invaluable member of the Bidable team!

Kim is a Graphic Designer who studied graphic design and print management in Devon, England. At 19, she was a finalist in the London Print Week awards, giving her the foundation for a career that spans over 25 years in design and print.

Her vast experience and extensive customer service skills give clients security in her ability to follow projects through efficiently.

She has an eye for detail and knows what works and does not in design. Kim is certified in Graphic Design & Pre-press and Customer Service and has a Diploma in Print Management. 


Behind every amazing organisation is a great admin professional and Jackie brings an extensive range of office, and admin skills to our Bidable Team.   

When she is not taking her kids to every sports games in the Wellington region, she is the power house for helping Rachel submit her presentations and tenders and keeps the wheels of industry flowing along.  Jackie started her work career in the deep South, but has worked internationally over the years and has now settled in the Wellington Region (or until NZ Defence finds another fascinating position for her husband)

The beauty of working remotely we can utlise Jackie's skills no matter where in the world she is based!