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Bid Strategy, Management and Writing

Rachel and her team specialises in managing small to large multimillion tenders for small businesses to large corporations in New Zealand and overseas for any industry. She can manage, write and help you with your bid strategy and refine or implement the best bid process for your business based on the Association for Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) best practices.

Bid Management

When it comes to tendering bids in response to RFPs, delivering a bid that is of the highest quality is imperative. Losing a bid is expensive and an enormous waste of company time and resources; it is a setback your business cannot afford.  A presentation is required as part of the procurement process, we help you prepare.

Content Library

Overcome the challenges of Outdated Documents, Unsearchable files, Busy Schedules, and have a solid content library that anyone in your team can source the relevant information. 

Close deals faster by equipping your team with the tools they need to respond efficiently and effectively.

Our Bid Process

Tendering bids is a complex and high-stakes process. There are many moving parts, and keeping track of everything can be daunting for anyone who isn’t an experienced bid manager. For a process where a successful outcome is so vital to the health and longevity of a business, outsourcing the bid to an expert just makes sense.

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If you’re considering tendering a bid, please book a complimentary consult with Rachel to chat and see how she can be of value.