Award & Report Writing

Bidable’s Rachel Adams is a professional Awards- and Report writer.

If you’ve thought about submitting your company for professional awards or applying for government funding and hesitated because of the work and formal writing involved, Rachel can help.


Award applications are complex and time-consuming.

For the uninitiated, writing them is a headache that will often lead to applications with great potential falling short of expectations, or companies with a real shot at winning not applying in the first place.

Making a compelling case to the judges of the award in question on why your business, out of all of those applying, deserves to be recognised as the absolute pinnacle of greatness, is an art form all its own.

If you’ve thought about entering awards before and decided against it because of the work involved, Rachel would love to help.

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A professional award writer like Rachel Adams knows how to showcase your business and have judges see the amazing things you’ve achieved.

She understands exactly what the judges are looking for and has an unparalleled talent for honing in on the core of greatness within your business.

With Rachel’s expertise behind your award application, you give your business the absolute best shot at winning the award you’re entering for, along with the benefits that come from being an award-winning company.

Many of Rachel’s past clients have been ecstatic to win their coveted award thanks to the well-crafted application she put forward on their behalf, and all have been thrilled to be spared the stress of compiling the application themselves.


The reports required from companies who’ve received government funding are detailed and time-consuming to compile.

The expectations around writing these reports can often be enough to cause small and medium business owners in particular, to not apply for funding, despite the enormous difference such funding could make to their businesses. If this is you, Rachel can help.

With her experience at compiling these types of reports, Rachel can take the stress out of meeting the conditions of the funding your business is entitled to by writing your funding reports for you.

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